What is the GutterShed?


Also Sold at Von Tobels in Lafayette

The GutterShed is a totally new approach to gutter defense. Finally there is a gutter cover that requires absolutely no cleaning or maintenance. Not a gutter screen or solid metal gutter guard, the GutterShed is a perforated metal plate that cleanly separates water from leaves and other debris at its line of contact with the top of the shingles.
A plastic-coated, eight-inch wide finely perforated plate is attached to the outer edge of the gutter by GutterHook spring clips. The inner part of the plate rests on top of the shingles, forming a slope downward from the line of contact to the outer edge of the gutter. Water passes under the edge of contact of the shed with the roof and through nearby holes, but leaves, seeds and other debris pass onto the plate where they dry out and blow off with the next mild wind.
For a printable GutterShed brochure, click GutterShed Information Flyer.

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