How about unusual roof gutters and roof shingles?

For swale gutters of Victorian houses, a much wider version of GutterShed is available. The attachments are secured by washers and rubber cement, to avoid drilling holes in the original copper gutters. For roofs with very thick shingles and staggered design, small pieces of the Shed material can cover open spaces. We have instructions on how to fit the GutterShed to almost any gutter and  roof shingle design.

Can I open the GutterShed to inspect the gutter?

GutterShed Open

GutterShed opened to allow for gutter inspection.

The GutterShed cover can be opened for inspecting the gutter, or for removing shingle gravel that sometimes penetrates or passes under the Shed. To open the Shed, place a ladder next to a four-foot piece of the gutter cover, then open the GutterShed. Small particles and dirt can be removed manually or using a water hose, but this is not necessary on any regular basis.